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Question for you...

​What if you could learn Easy, Delicious & Healthy Vegan or Plant Based recipes with Pre-planned Meals, saving you a ton of TIME and MONEY in the span of just 2 weeks?

Lemon Cheesecake
Mexican Meal

Or, let me rephrase that...

What if, in just 2 Weeks you could learn to COOK delicious Vegan or Plant Based restaurant style meals effortlessly at home with the help of a specially curated course for YOU?

Alongwith learning the recipes, you will also learn the art to plan the meals efficiently. 


This skillset will not only SAVE you TIME and MONEY but will also help to improve yours and your family's HEALTH 

If you want to learn how you can master these skills and bring in the lifestyle change you always desired


Keep Reading...

Here's the problem

You know that in order to have a healthy, stress free work life balance you need system to create easy & quick meals

However, you’re constantly struggling with problems like

👉 Getting overwhelmed what to cook next and tired of eating the same meal everyday

👉  Cooking different meals for yourself and your family (losing time and energy)

👉  Spending hours in kitchen to prepare a decent meal

👉  Not sure how to get started with vegan or plant based journey

👉  Trying to lose weight with plant based recipes but takes time and doesn’t taste good

👉  Tired of ordering takeaways( feels unhealthy and a waste of money)

👉  Want to adopt a cruelty free lifestyle but feels like you don't have much options

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Can you Imagine?

Breezing through the day with pre-planned delicious & healthy Vegan Meals without stressing and spending hours about it

What would happen? Let me ask my Crystal Ball…

    👉 You will have Tabitha Brown’s confidence in the kitchen

  👉 You will know how to plan your meals in advance

👉 You will start preparing restuarant style meals at home

👉 Instead of worry about the next meal you will look forward to it

👉 You will SAVE a ton of money on take outs

👉 Taking different and amazing meal every single day to office

👉 Finally able to eat more plant based food & fulfill the resolution you took last year 

👉 Enjoying your vegan journey without ever stressing about the food

👉 You will be part of this incredible Vegan community where everyone will help you and support you

👉 Your health will improve significantly and you will have a lot more energy for your day to day activities

If you want to learn Vegan cooking that will make your life easy, healthy and help you save a lot of time and money, I have something for you…


"Learn to Cook Vegan"

One stop to effortless Vegan or Plant-Based Recipes for Beginners with preplanned meals( restuarant style food at home)

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Foodotomic has the BEST tutorials. As well as many options everyone wants to learn


You just made my day!! I have been looking for an alternative to eating white bread and wraps as I want to give up for health reasons. Thank you :)


 If you haven't tried Minnie’s recipes, or seen her videos, you MUST! Both are amazing!

Cherries Dessert



Introduction to Vegan 101

👉 Overview of the Course
👉 Everyday Struggles and how to tackle them
👉 The secret Planning Method( good name needed)
👉 FREE Weekly Planning Template 
👉Access to the Exclusive Vegan community
👉 FREE Conversion Guide 


Breaking the Breakfast Bread

👉 Easy, healthy and everyday breakfast recipes 
👉Downloadable recipes with detailed instructions
👉 The prep method for effective and efficient breakfast
👉 The Chickpeas Flour Trick( think of a cooler name)
👉 How can a good breakfast prep can take you till dinner


Lunch/Dinner with Sides

👉 Easy, delicious and quick lunch and dinner recipes along with scrumptious sides
👉Downloadable recipes with detailed instructions
👉 How Lunch can be made to serve everyone in the family as the base food 
👉 How best to combine lunch recipes with sides to make it more wholesome


The Party Poppers

👉 Multiple snack recipes to get you shinning in all the upcoming parties
👉Downloadable recipes with detailed instructions
👉 They can be easily turned healthy and all are Gluten free  


👉 Quick and Easy Dessert recipe


The Wrap

👉 No Brainer Meal plan Guide with planned printable
👉 Breakdown of the No Brainer Meal Guide 
👉 Closure Remarks with additional tips and tricks 


Delicious Desserts

What makes

Learn to Cook Vegan” different?

👉 More than 50 recipes to get you started 

👉 Step by step instructions( both video and written) explaining how easy Vegan cooking can be at home with some simple ingredients

👉 It welcomes you to a supportive community(Private facebook group) so you can connect with fellow Vegans who are struggling with the same issues

👉 Printable guide to track your progress and help you plan weekly meals

👉 A complete no brainer Preplanned meal guide to help you decide your everyday meal

👉 Free Conversion Guide so you can don't have to worry about the tablespoons to cup conversion ratios


Join "Learn to Cook Vegan"

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DID Someone Say BONUSES?

In addition to everything inside of ”How to Cook Vegan”, I’m also going to throw in multiple bonuses to kickstart your amazing Vegan or Plant Based Journey

👉 Exclusive No Brainer Guide with the Pre planned meals so you never have to think about what to cook next

👉 All meal Recipe Printable ( only available through the course)

👉 Meal Planning template 

👉 Access to exclusive private Facebook Group

👉 FREE Conversion Guide so you don't have to ever worry about converting grams to tablespoons to cups!!!

Buy it, Try it, Apply it!!!

You're backed by our 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

BONUS (2).png

"Learn to Cook Vegan" comes with a 100% cancel anytime Guarantee and it doesn’t stop there. When you join "Learn to Cook Vegan",  you’re welcomed into a space that’s got everything you need to uplift your life and make delicious food everyday, which saves time, energy, money etc. And the best part? 

This is a proven system. Hundreds of students have enrolled and changed their life—it’s happening right now!

But, even though I know this course is so valuable, you deserve the chance to join risk-free to see if it’s for you. 

And if you don’t think it’s every bit as awesome as I’ve promised, I wouldn’t feel right keeping your money. Simply request a refund within 7 days of purchase, and you’ll be refunded in full. 

There are no strings attached, no forms to fill out, nothing to prove, and I won’t question you .

Nice to Meet You

Hey there! I’m Minnie

the girl behind the course “ Learn to Cook Vegan “ 

I had the same struggle when I became Vegan overnight, not knowing what to cook, feeling hungry restless and exhausted.

I want to help all the fellow Vegans with easy everyday recipes, specifically the foodies, who like to eat tasty and delicious food

Because of my struggle I came up with a meal planning( not meal prep) template idea to plan my everyday and weekly recipes. I am sure it invaluable and will help you too. It took me a lot of time to perfect this and now it’s YOURS 

I can’t wait for you to get hands on this training and learn how wonderful this whole journey can be for you and you will enjoy this process as beautifully as I intend it for you

I will see you inside the Course!!!

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You have questions?
I have answers.

¿Does this course use recipes with ingredients that are hard to find?

✓All the ingredients are easy to find everyday ingredients, there is a list of all the ingredients used throughout the course at one place so it's easy for you to buy everything in advance. 


¿It feels too expensive and out of budget?

✓ The course is beneficial both in terms of money & time but above all for your health.

✓ Once you learn to prepare these recipes at home, you will Save a ton of money on take aways and doctors appointments

✓ This will be one skillset no one will be able to take away from you

✓ You can always choose the option of 3 smaller payments 

¿Are all the recipes healthy and will this help me in the weight loss journey?

✓ Most of the recipes are everyday healthy recipes, a few snacks and appetizers are not that healthy but you will get the healthy alternative option.

✓ When it comes to reducing weight, you need to eat these healthy recipes along with portion control in order to see any real impact. 

¿Will this be a right fit as I can’t cook at all?

✓ Yes it is a right fit, as the course is designed for the beginners and you teach you all the basics of cooking along with basics of Vegan or Plant based diet. 

¿Difference between Vegan and Plant-Based Diet?

✓ Veganism is a lifestyle that excludes all animal products and attempts to limit the exploitation of animals as much as possible. People usually go Vegan for ethical reasons, health or for the environment.

✓ With a plant-based diet, you can decide whether or not you want to consume animal products, and the focus is on eating mostly foods that come from plant sources. Plant-based diets also emphasize eating whole foods, meaning the food has undergone little – if any – processing and is as close to its natural state as possible.

¿I don’t have access to a full fledged kitchen?

✓ You just need one stove top or induction with utensils in order to learn and cook the recipes. 

¿I can learn the recipes from your Youtube or Instagram page?

✓ Yes you can most definitely learn the recipes from Youtube or Instagram but they will not include all the basics of cooking along with detailed instructions. 

✓ In this course I have broken down all the recipes to the most basic level so that you can easily learn and enjoy the cooking process

✓ You will also get special tips and tricks along with written recipes and bonuses like how to plan your meals well, printables and no brainer meal guide( handy for planning future meals)

✓ You will get exclusive access to the Private Facebook Group where you can connect with people pn a similar journey

¿Does these recipes have Gluten free options?

✓ Yes most of the recipes are Gluten free and the ones which are not have the alternative options

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Still Undecided?

This program is a fit for you, if...

👉 You are starting your journey into Veganism or Plant Based diet

👉 Want to reduce eating meat and learn more about plant based cooking

👉 You are a Vegan Foodie, interested in learning delicious and interesting Vegan recipes. 

👉 Interested in plant based cooking 

👉 Overwhelmed by the transition into Veganism and need a support system and good recipes

👉 Tired of ordering take aways

👉 Interested to learn cooking with simple steps, giving you restaurant style food at home for you and your family 

👉 Want to go Vegan or plant based for animals, health or the environment and don't know how to get started 

This program isn't a fit for you, if...

👉 You are trying to reduce weight and want to eat strictly with no oil, whole food plant based diet

👉 You are not a foodie and don’t care about the taste of the food

👉 You are trying to combat a particular disease through diet

👉 On a strict plant based diet

👉 Not interested in plant based or Vegan food

👉 Not interested in Cooking

👉 You are already at an advanced level in Vegan or Plant Based cooking

Join "Learn to Cook Vegan" TODAY!!!

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