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4 Soothing Vegan Meals to Eat When You’re Sick

After over two years of mild but common cold and flu cases, these illnesses have returned with a vengeance. A report by TIME magazine highlights how the 2022-2023 flu season is comparable to 2014-2015, which saw a hospitalization

rate of nine in 100,000 people during the peak of the flu season in the US.

This year is said to be worse than usual because of the early outbreak, with cases spiking in October rather than November, leaving many unprepared. With changing flu patterns and other risk factors like stress and poor sleep, it’s no wonder more people are getting sick. For later this 2023, many experts predict that the flu may spread earlier than usual— potentially putting more people down for the count. Given these problems, learning how to ease difficult symptoms while resting at home is essential. To help you out, we list four soothing vegan meals you can eat when you’re sick with the flu or other


Vegan Noodle Soup

Chicken noodle soup is one of the go-to home remedies for colds and the flu. But even without the chicken, a hearty vegan noodle soup can go a long way in comforting your tired body. There are many ways to customize this dish to

make it vegan, but it’s recommended to keep the features of what makes a good noodle soup:

Protein – There are several substitutes for chicken, but the easiest is cubed tofu

Broth – Opt to add vegan chicken seasoning or store-bought “chicken” broth for a more original take

Noodles – Choose a sturdy pasta that doesn’t turn into mush after several reheatings

Vegetables – Most people typically use aromatics like carrots, celery, and onion


Doctors often recommend eating bland foods when you have a stomachache to make digestion easier for your body. Of many meals, porridge is one of the top choices, as it is easy to digest and soothes your body with warmth. For

easy cooking, consider using a rice cooker. One of the best Cuckoo rice cookers for making porridge is the CRP-P0609S model, which has built-in smart programs that enable it to cook rice and other food perfectly. If you’re looking to prepare everything in one pot and one cycle, you can rely on its voice navigation feature to get instructions in English, Chinese, and Korean. You can use oats or rice to make oatmeal or congee, depending on your preferences.

Vegetable Soup

There’s no better way to boost your immune system than through veggie soup. The different vegetables in this dish can fill you with vitamins like A, C, and K and other nutrients like zinc, iron, and protein while keeping meals digestible and easy to eat. We highly recommend our Vegan Creamy Pumpkin Soup recipe as it can freeze well for quick meal prep on your off days. Moreover, pumpkin is packed with beta carotene that is partially converted into vitamin A—helping boost your immune system to fight infections. We also suggest adding chili powder for an extra cozy effect.

Fruit Smoothie

Another easy way to load up on much-needed vitamins and minerals is to drink a fruit smoothie. Not only does it boost your immune system, but it can also help you stay hydrated through its water content. However, blenders meant for making smoothies are notorious for being difficult to clean—definitely a hassle when sick. It’s good to invest in smaller capacity models like the BlendJet portable blender, which is easier to wash. Despite its size, it can quickly break down frozen fruit, leafy greens, ice, and plenty more in just 20 seconds. Some fruits we recommend including in your smoothies are berries, bananas, and pineapple to load yourself up with vitamin C. Be careful to avoid these drinks if you’re vomiting, however, lest you upset your digestive system more.

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Cassy James

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