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Would you like to learn Vegan cooking that will make your life easy, healthy and help you save a lot of TIME and MONEY? 

I have something for you…


"Learn to Cook Vegan"

One stop to effortless Vegan or Plant-Based Recipes for Beginners with pre-planned meals (restaurant style food at home)

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Lemon Cheesecake
Mexican Meal

Or, let me rephrase that...

What if, in just 2 Weeks you could learn to COOK delicious Vegan or Plant Based restaurant style meals effortlessly at home with the help of a specially curated course for YOU?

Alongwith learning the recipes, you will also learn the art of planning the meals efficiently. 


This skill set will not only save TIME and MONEY but also help you to improve HEALTH 

If you want to learn how you can master these skills and bring in the lifestyle change you always desired


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Here's the problem

You know that in order to have a healthy, stress free work life balance you need a system to create easy & quick meals

However, you’re constantly struggling with problems like

👉 Getting overwhelmed what to cook next and tired of eating the same meal everyday

👉  Cooking different meals for yourself and your family (losing time and energy)

👉  Spending hours in kitchen to prepare a decent meal

👉  Not sure how to get started with vegan or plant based journey

👉  Trying to lose weight with plant based recipes but takes time and doesn’t taste good

👉  Tired of ordering takeaways( feels unhealthy and a waste of money)

👉  Want to adopt a cruelty free lifestyle but feels like you don't have much options

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Can you Imagine?

Breezing through the day with pre-planned delicious & healthy Vegan Meals without stressing and spending hours about it

What would happen? Let me ask my Crystal Ball…

    👉 You will have Tabitha Brown’s confidence in the kitchen

  👉 You will know how to plan your meals in advance

👉 You will start preparing restaurant style meals at home

👉 Instead of worry about the next meal you will look forward to it

👉 You will SAVE a ton of money on take outs

👉 Taking different and amazing meal every single day to office

👉 Finally able to eat more plant based food & fulfill the resolution you took last year 

👉 Enjoying your vegan journey without ever stressing about the food

👉 You will be part of this incredible Vegan community where everyone will help you and support you

👉 Your health will improve significantly and you will have a lot more energy for your day to day activities


👉 More than 50 recipes( breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snacks) to get you started 

👉 Step by step instructions( both video and written) explaining how easy Vegan cooking can be at home with some simple ingredients

👉 It welcomes you to a supportive community(Private facebook group) so you can connect with fellow Vegans who are struggling with the same issues

👉 Printable guide to track your progress and help you plan weekly meals

👉 A complete no brainer Pre-planned meal guide to help you decide your everyday meal

👉 Free Conversion Guide so you can don't have to worry about the tablespoons to cup conversion ratios

Weekly Recipe Planner.png

Nice to Meet You

Hey there! I’m Minnie

the girl behind the course “ Learn to Cook Vegan “ 

I had the same struggle when I became Vegan overnight, not knowing what to cook, feeling hungry, restless and exhausted.

Because of my struggle I came up with the easiest Vegan recipe along with this meal planning( not meal prep) template idea to plan my everyday and weekly recipes. I am sure it is invaluable and will help you too. It took me a lot of time to perfect this and now it’s YOURS 

I can’t wait for you to get hands on this training and learn how wonderful this whole journey can be for You. 

I will see you inside the Course!!!

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Join "Learn to Cook Vegan" TODAY!!!

Copy of ✓ All the 6 modules(Videos + written recipes) to learn easy, delicious and restaur
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What is the BETA Version 

  • We are welcoming the first set of students to the course at a flat 50% off 

  • Beta version means that the program will further improve based on the feedback from the students 

  • You will get the lifetime Access to the Online course, with new content being added to it over the period of time

  • You will have One on One sessions with me to understand your pain points along with all the BONUSES

  • You will not have the access to all the content at Once, and the training will take place in sequence to help you achieve the results 

  • The Cart for the BETA version will close on 15th Jan 23:59 CT, post which when the course is lauched it will be at its asking Price of $799

If you have any further questions, you can DM me on Instagram or Facebook

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