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Vegan Chocolate Cake Dessert

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

Vegan Chocolate Cake Dessert

Today we are making Vegan Chocolate Cake Dessert which is perfect for the holidays. It is a very simple recipe, which you can always adjust as per your choice or taste.

Ingredients for the Vegan Cake

All Purpose Flour - 250 Grams

Cacao Powder - 50 Grams

Sugar - 100 Grams

Baking Powder - 1 Teaspoon

Salt - Half Teaspoon

Oil - 100 ml

Plant Based Milk - 250 ml

Apple Cider Vinegar - 1 tsp

Vegan Whipped Cream

Vegan Cream - 200 ml

Powdered Sugar - 60 grams

Melted Chocolate

Chocolate - 100 Grams

Warm Milk - 80 ml

Powdered chocolate

So Let’s get started

Step 1:

Add apple cider vinegar to 250 ml of plant based milk, I am using soy milk. Give it a mix, this will curdle the plant based milk which helps to bring the fluff in the cake

Let’s prepare the batter for the cake

Take 250 grams of all purpose flour, make sure to use a sieve to get rid of any kind of lumps which also results in a smoother batter

Then 50 grams of cacao powder, you might need to use a spoon to mash some of the bigger chunks

Add 100 grams of Vegan sugar, 1 teaspoon of baking powder, half teaspoon of salt, salt is one ingredient which is kind of a must in baking as it brings out the flavor in the cake.

Mix everything till it’s well combined, also make sure to break any lumps.

Once all the dry ingredients are mixed well add the wet ingredients

Add the mixture of apple cider vinegar and soy milk, 100 ml of oil, and mix.

Step 2 :

Take a baking tray and add some drops of oil, brush it across evenly

Then add a parchment paper, add oil to the parchment paper as well so it can leave the cake as easily as it leaves the pan

Transfer the chocolate cake batter, spread the batter evenly and tap it down to make sure it is levelled

Step 3 :

Bake the cake over 180 c for 25-30 mins depending on the oven

Once baked, make sure to check if it’s cooked completely from the inside as well, I like to poke it with a stick and see if it comes out clean, if it doesn’t then bake it for a couple of more minutes and check again.

Take out the cake from the pan and then carefully remove the parchment paper

Let the cake rest and cool down

Step 4 :

Prepare the Vegan whipped cream

There are so many ways you can do that, I am going with the easiest option, add 200 ml vegan cream to the stand mixer, followed by 60 grams of Vegan icing sugar

Blend it for 2 mins, you can also do this with coconut cream or aquafaba

Step 5 :

Melt the Vegan chocolate

Take 100 grams of vegan chocolate, add 80-100 ml of warm plant based milk, let the chocolate melt, the best way is to place the bowl in some hot water to speed up the process.

Step 6 :

When the chocolate cake it cooled down, you can either slice and add it to a different tupper, whichever you want to use for the dessert or place it back in the same pan, just make sure it is tall enough to take the layers of both whipped cream and chocolate

Add the layer of whipped cream on the cake first and spread it evenly, then add the melted chocolate, since it is hot it might go through the whipped cream, so I am letting it cool down a little and then add a second layer of melted vegan chocolate.

It is ready to be served, but if you decide to refrigerate it, make sure to take it out a minimum of 30 mins before serving for the best taste

So there you go guys, the best Vegan Dessert for the holidays is ready. It's an easy and scrumptious Vegan chocolate cake dessert recipe and also if you like to make it a little more fancy, add some grated chocolate bar.

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Recipe Video

Do try this at home and share your feedback in the comment section

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