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Vegan Gulab Jamun With Semolina

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

Gulab jamun is a milk-solid-based sweet from the Indian subcontinent, and a type of sweet, popular in India, Nepal, Pakistan, the Maldives, and Bangladesh, as well as Myanmar. I have added a vegan twist and its so easy to make. These Vegan Gulab Jamuns are quick and easy to prepare using semolinaand taste very close to the real milk based Gulab Jamuns.

Gulab Jamuns are an easy Vegan Indian Dessert when prepared using this recipe.


Semolina - 150 Grams ( 1 Cup)

Soy Milk - 2 Cups

Cardamom Powder - Half Teaspoon

Sugar Syrup

Sugar - 2 Bowls

Water - 2 Bowls

Rose Water 2 Tablespoons

Cardamom pods - 4

Step 1 - Prepare the Dough

  • Heat a pan at low heat and add 150 grams of semolina. Stir it and cook for 3-4 minutes & you will start to get a good cooked aroma from the semolina.

Note - The color will not change in this process as we are lightly roasting it

  • Then Transfer the Semolina to another bowl, and in the same pan add 2 bowls of Soy milk. The Semolina to milk ratio is 1:2. So 1 bowl of semolina and 2 bowls of soy milk.

  • Heat the soy milk till it starts to boil

  • Then add the cooked semolina to the milk gradually by stirring it so there is no lump formation.

  • Mix the semolina well with the soy milk and you will notice that it will start to thicken. Keep on breaking any lumps you notice in the pan.

  • After 4-5 mins add half teaspoon of cardamom powder, I like to add the cardamom early on so it infuses within the Gulab Jamuns.

  • Cook over low heat till the mixture turns into a dough

  • After 12-15 minutes the semolina will turn into a dough and will start to leave the pan.

  • Make sure that the heat is at lowest and keep on folding the dough. Once the dough leaves the pan and comes all together, switch off the heat and let it cool down a little.

Step 2 - Prepare the Sugar Syrup

  • Meanwhile, let's get the sugar syrup ready. In a pan take 2 bowls of sugar and equal amount of water, which is 2 bowls of water.

  • You can replace the sugar with jaggery if you want it on the healthier side

  • Mix everything and then cook it over medium heat for 15 minutes and then at low heat till the sugar syrup has almost 1 string consistency.

  • Remember that the sugar syrup will thicken up a little as it cools down. And if it is too thick it will not get absorbed by the Gulab Jamuns very well.

  • Now for the special ingredient, rose water, the word Gulab in Gulab Jamun is actually derived from the Persian words gol (flower) and āb (water), referring to the rose water-scented syrup.

  • Add the rose water towards the end so it doesn’t evaporate in the cooking process

  • Then a few cardamom pods. You can also use cardamom powder as well.

  • Switch off the heat and let the sugar syrup cool down.

Once the semolina dough is at room temperature.

Knead the dough, it helps with the gluten formation, which will further help to make the Gulab jamuns softer.

Step 3 - Prepare Gulab Jamun Balls

  • Take a small amount of dough and start to roll between your palms.

  • The dough should not be sticky and if it is, that means you need to cook it for a little bit longer.

  • Once it’s smooth, repeat the process with the remaining dough balls.

  • Apply some oil to avoid the semolina sticking to your hands. You can also divide the dough in equal parts to ensure that all the dough balls are roughly of the same size

Step 4 - Cook the Gulab Jamuns

  • Heat oil in a pan, and once it’s hot switch the heat to medium high.

  • Roll the gulab jamun one last time before adding it to the oil.

  • Always test with 1 gulab jamun first to see how it performs

  • Don’t touch the gulab jamuns directly with spatula as it can dent or deflate them, as they are too soft. Flip them lightly along with the oil.

  • When they turn golden brown in color, take them out and add them to the sugar syrup, and ensure the sugar syrup is warm, not too hot in temperature.

  • You will notice that the Gulab jamuns will increase in size so keep that in mind while preparing the dough balls

  • Submerge the gulab jamuns in the sugar syrup and let them rest either overnight or minimum 4-5 hours.

Note - If you cook Gulab Jamuns over high heat they will turn brown from the outside quickly or might even burn and will remain uncooked from the inside, that’s why always cook them on medium heat.

Garnish with some chopped Pistachios and almonds.

You can serve them hot or cold as per your liking.

Do try this at home and please share your feedback in the comment section

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