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Vegan Rasmalai Easy Recipe - Indian Mithai

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

Ras malai or rossomalai or Rasamalei is a dessert originating from the eastern regions of the Indian subcontinent. Rasmalai is spoongy cheese ball soaked in saffron cream and served chilled. This veganized recipe comes really close to the original rasmalai.

Rasmalai Saffron Milk

Soy Milk - 1 Litre

Cardamom Powder - Half Teaspoon

Sugar - 80-85 Grams

Saffron Threads

Dry fruits ( Cashew, Pistachio and Almonds)

Rasmalai Dough Ball

Tofu - 300 grams

Cornstarch - 2 Teaspoons

Cooking the Rasmalai Disc

Water as per the pan

Sugar - 80-100 grams

Step 1 : Saffron Vegan Milk

  • Heat 1 litre of soy milk, you can even use almond or coconut milk

  • Add half teaspoon of cardamom powder, give it a mix.

There are so many different ways the Vegan Rasmalai can be prepared. This method comes really close to the texture of the original rasmalai

  • Add 80-85 grams of sugar.

Note - You can always use healthier alternatives to sugar like jaggery, date syrup, agave, maple syrup, stevia etc

  • Once the Sugar is completely dissolved, add saffron threads to the milk, as they add this amazing flavor to the milk along with the light yellow color of the rasmalai.

  • Let the vegan milk simmer over low heat for 15-20 mins

  • Then add chopped dry fruits of your choice, I have used cashew, pistachio and almonds. Give it a mix and switch off the heat.

  • This will thicken a little as it gets colder.

Step 2 - Rasmalai Discs

  • Grate a block of tofu( around 300 grams ).

  • Make sure you dry the tofu using a paper towel or kitchen towel so the excess moisture is absorbed.

  • Add 2 teaspoons of cornstarch

  • For the rasmalai balls or discs, you can even prepare the vegan ricotta cheese or vegan paneer from scratch using almond, soy or cashew milk.

Note - Using tofu is a shortcut as we are cutting a big step of boiling the milk and then curdling it to prepare the vegan paneer.

  • Mash and knead the tofu. Knead it till it’s smooth and everything comes together like a dough.

  • At this point the tofu should have a very small amount of moisture in it, knead it to the point till it becomes really smooth

To check if the disc is proper, take a small piece and shape it like a round ball, then press it into a disc. If you see cracks in the disc, knead for a couple of more minutes till it’s even.

  • Once the disc is smooth, prepare the remaining discs.

Note - Rasgullas can be prepared with the same recipe. Instead of the disc just make them round.

Step 3 : Cook the Rasmalai Discs

  • Heat water in a broad pan, and add some sugar to make it light sweet. I am using 80 grams of sugar.

  • You can easily replace sugar with jaggery and if you are someone like me who doesn’t have access to jaggery you can use dates too

  • Once the sugar is dissolved, add the discs.

  • Cook it for 3-4 minutes and then cover and cook for 15 minutes over low heat.

  • Then remove the cover and let it cook for 5-7 minutes,

  • The discs will increase in size.

  • Flip the discs and cook for another 10 minutes.

  • Then switch off the heat, and drain the excess water by lightly pressing the discs. This process will also help them to absorb the saffron milk easily.

  • Place the discs in a bowl and add the saffron milk to it. You can also press them lightly after adding the milk so it gets absorbed quickly.

  • Cover the discs in the soy saffron milk and then add some dry fruits to garnish.

  • Refrigerate for a minimum of 5-6 hours or overnight.

After 6 hours, the Vegan Rasmalai is ready to be served.

Second Method

This Second method of preparing the rasmalai is more of a quick workaround when you feel lazy and still want to enjoy the goodness of a good rasmalai. This is so easy and quick and can be prepared in a jiffy.

  • Choose a bread which won’t disintegrate easily, cut the centre out in round or oval shape using a bowl or a cutter.

  • Place the bread in the serving bowl and add the saffron milk on top of it and serve instantly.

  • Don’t let them sit as the bread will eventually melt in the saffron milk.

  • It has all the great flavors coming from the saffron milk and will satisfy your taste buds

Do try this at home and please share your feedback in the comment section

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