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Vegan Oreo Milkshake

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

Today we are making Vegan Oreo Milkshake. This milkshake is a blend of Oreo cookies, chocolate ice cream and vegan milk, topped with vegan whipped cream and melted vegan chocolate. With just a few ingredients you can prepare this easily at home.

Ingredients for Oreo Milkshake

Vegan chocolate chips - 100 grams

Coconut Milk - 200 ml

Vegan Icing sugar - 3 Tablespoons

Oreos - 7 pieces

Vegan Chocolate Ice-cream - 200 grams

Vegan Chocolate milk - 2 Glasses

Step number 1 - Prepping the glass

Take a medium or large milkshake type wide glass, now we are going to go a little fancy here, and you can totally skip this step, but if you want to go that extra mile - I would say it’s a really simple step and completely doable. Take melted chocolate, I melted some chocolate chips and with the help of a spoon either drizzle or cover the edges of the glass with the chocolate. You can create any pattern of your choice. I am just adding a little bit extra chocolate to create this dripping effect in the glass.

This is my end result and now I am going to place it in the refrigerator till the rest of the milkshake is prepared.

Step 2 - Preparing the vegan whipped cream

I have frozen a can of coconut milk and that way the water gets separated from the cream. Add all the cream of coconut to a bowl. Then add 2-3 tablespoons of vegan icing sugar to it. Whip it well. If you have a hand mixer, it will do a much better job and give a great fluffy cream. But since I don’t have it, I am settling for this one here, I know the texture isn’t what we want but it tastes amazing.

Step 3 - Add everything to the blender

Take regular sized oreos, I am breaking and adding 4 oreos to the blender. Then add 2 glasses of vegan chocolate milk. Then I am adding around 200 grams of vegan chocolate ice cream. And I have this urge to add 3 more oreos so there it goes.

Step 4- Blend everything

Step 5 - It’s time for the final assembly

Take out the 2 glasses from the refrigerator. Pour the milkshake in both the glasses and don’t fill them up entirely. Add the whipped vegan cream in both the glasses, then drizzle some vegan melted chocolate, some more oreo, roughly broken, and finally some more melted chocolate just because. And that’s it guys, the glorious Vegan oreo milkshake is ready. It is perfect for parties, get togethers and when you kids want something special and something Vegan.

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