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Vegan Spinach Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

Today we are preparing Vegan Spinach-Dip Grilled Cheese Sandwich. This perfect creamy Vegan grilled cheese is the ultimate comfort food and features all the flavors of a hot, bubbly spinach dip between two crispy slices of bread. These Spinach Grilled Cheese Sandwiches are so easy and quick to prepare and a perfect meal.

Ingredients for the Recipe

Vegan Cheese - 300 Grams

Vegan Cream Cheese - 180 Grams

Vegan Mayonnaise - 4 Tablespoons

Nutritional Yeast - 2 Tablespoons

Lime Juice - 2 Tablespoons

Salt - 1 Teaspoon

Garlic Powder - Half Teaspoon

Black Pepper Powder - 1 Teaspoon

Spinach - 160 Grams

Vegan Butter - As much as needed for the bread

Bread Slices - as needed - Minimum 2

Step 1 - Prepare the Vegan Creamy Spinach Dip

Add 300 grams of grated vegan cheese,

180 grams of vegan cream cheese,

4 tablespoons of vegan mayonnaise,

2 tablespoons of nutritional yeast,

2 tablespoons of lime juice,

salt - 1 teaspoon, but I would recommend you to add it towards the end as per your taste,

half teaspoon of garlic powder,

1 teaspoon of black pepper powder,

I have washed the spinach thoroughly and then finely chopped it. I am using around 160 grams of spinach.

Mix everything till it’s well combined.

Note - Make sure you dry the spinach before adding it with the rest of the ingredients, as it may turn the mixture watery, and if it does, just refrigerate the dip for some time and you will be fine.

So the Vegan Creamy Spinach Dip is ready

Step 2 -

Now apply the vegan butter on one side of all the bread slices as evenly as possible, and try to avoid the ones with large gaps.

Next heat a pan at medium heat and apply some butter or oil to the pan. Spread it across the entire pan.

Then place the bread slice side with the butter on the pan. We are going to prepare this at medium heat, so it’s going to be quick. Add around 1 tablespoon of the spinach dip to the bread slice, and spread it evenly. Try not to add too much of it, just a nice thin layer would do. Now the important step, take another bread slice and place it on the dip with the butter side up. Cover the pan and let it cook for 1 minute, you can reduce the heat if you like.

After a minute, remove the cover and flip the bread carefully, it should be nice golden brown in color, and crispy. I like my Vegan grilled cheese to be extra crispy, you can always adjust as per your liking.

Cover it again for a minute and then remove the cover and cook till you get the nice golden brown layer on the other side too. And the Vegan Spinach-Dip Grilled cheese sandwich is ready.

It is so delicious and you can store the spinach dip for upto 2 weeks in your refrigerator easily.

You should also remember not to overcook it, as the spinach dip will melt and might spoil the whole sandwich experience. You don’t want to do that. This is one of my goto comfort foods when I am feeling lazy and don't want to cook everything from scratch, so just mix a couple of ingredients and you get this incredible filling and delicious meal.

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