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The ULTIMATE Vegan Stuffed Mushroom Recipe

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

These Stuffed Vegan Mushrooms are one of my favorite appetizers recipe. It is an amazing side dish & a perfect dish for mushroom lovers.

These Vegan Stuffed Mushrooms are Hearty, creamy & well-spiced. Perfect little umami-bombs to flavor up your day. Stuffed mushrooms are always a party favorite, especially during the holidays! Soft mushroom caps are stuffed with a cheesy, herby, and garlicky filling.

This Vegan Appetizer is perfect for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

These Vegan Stuffed Mushrooms are the perfect way to start your meal.



Soy Sauce - 1 Tbsp

Vinegar - 1 Tsp

Lime - Half

Black pepper - 1 Tsp


Mushroom - 400g

Garlic - 10 cloves

Onion - Half

Vegan Cream cheese by Violife(my all time fav) - 130g

Vegan cheese by Etosha- 200g


Chili flakes


1) Let’s start by prepping the mushrooms. Clean the Mushrooms & remove their stems, you need to be careful and gentle while performing this step. If you apply too much force you can damage the mushroom cap and they won’t be able to hold the stuffing.

Or if you break them mid way it will be difficult to empty them entirely. Just gently push the stem from the bottom so it comes out clean

2) You can use the mushroom stems for the stuffing, but it’s optional. I am going to chop them finely, but you can roughly chop them too as they will shrink once they are cooked.

3) Prepare the marinade by mixing soy sauce, vinegar, lime juice and pepper.

4) Marinate the mushrooms by adding the soy sauce mix. This step for me is the maker for this recipe, when you marinate the mushrooms, you will get those additional flavors. Once done set them aside

5) Next we are going to cook the mushroom stems, heat a pan, add oil followed by finely chopped onion, Cook for 5 mins over high heat

6) Then add garlic & chili. Cook for 2 mins over low heat

7) Add chopped mushroom stems, cook them 4-5 mins over high heat

8) Add the sauce soy mix, once the mushrooms are cooked. Switch off the heat and set the pan aside

Make sure that there is less moisture in the mixture

9) For the stuffing, add grated vegan cheese to a bowl, the cooked mushroom, parsley, Vegan cream. Mix everything. Make sure to keep the cream cheese at room temperature before mixing so it’s easier to combine it with the rest of the ingredients.

Since the cheese and cream cheese has a small amount of salt in it, you can omit adding salt, although I am slightly adding some salt and pepper to further enhance the taste. Combine well

10) Add the marinated mushroom caps to the baking tray

11) Add the stuffing to the mushrooms

12) Further top them with grated vegan cheese, chili flakes and then bake for 15-18 mins over 180 C.

The stuffed Vegan Garlic mushrooms are ready.

Garnish them with fresh parsley, chili flakes and Serve hot

This is such an incredible recipe which can be prepared in no time.

Do try this delicious recipe at home and share it with your friends and family. Don't forget to watch the video too :)

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